Ideal length of website texts

The importance of the website content

The contents of the website allow you to transmit the values ​​of your company and to define the success of your website. Very often the owners of the site underestimate some contents, giving more importance to some elements and neglecting others.

In fact, all the content that we insert on our pages takes on great importance: graphic content, such as images and videos, allow you to capture the attention of people who land on the site, while textual content plays a double role. On the one hand, useful information is transmitted to the end user, but on the other, they allow the pages of the site to be positioned at the top of search engines. Obviously to reach the first places, in addition to a good text there must be captivating titles, keywords, title tags and description and links. These are essential elements that allow you to intercept the target audience, to increase visibility and traffic on the pages of your website.

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Text content: what is the ideal length of website texts?

How many times have you ever wondered how long the text of your web pages should be? I bet a lot!

Generally, users who surf the net are looking for specific information and in-depth. Precisely for this reason, the user is rarely satisfied with the first search result and therefore often has to carry out further research to obtain the desired information.

Obviously, satisfying the needs of users is not easy at all! Unfortunately, there are no rules that are the same for everyone, but in the course of the article I will give you some suggestions.
We can say that currently there is no maximum limit to the length of a text. Indeed, generally the longer the text is, the more it is able to provide the user with complete information. Having said that, it is useless to write sentences just to fill the page: everything must be thought out and structured correctly, giving value to everything you write.

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Here are some tips that I hope will be useful for you to make good texts.

  • In-depth and complete texts
    It is essential to produce complete texts, which contain the answers to all questions and hypothetical doubts that customers may have. Many people tend to be short, writing only 2/3 lines of text per page, but this doesn’t always work. This writing is fine for social media posts, but not for pages on a site or blog. Users who land on your site want to find out more about you, your company, the services you offer and your products. Precisely for this reason, the first piece of advice I give you is to deepen the topics you are dealing with.
  • Useful information
    This advice is closely related to the one just described. The information that is written on your pages must be useful to those who read them. I recommend that you identify with the end user and try to provide all the information that could be useful and interesting for him.
    For example, if you enter a product or service, don’t just write the name, but complete it with its characteristics, the advantages it offers, the price, the variants, etc … (it would be good to also include some sample photos of the product or service ).
  • Well organized texts
    Just like the website, the texts must also be edited and well structured so that the user can navigate quickly and easily on your pages and search for the information you want. Each sentence must have its own place and must not be inserted randomly within the pages. If the textual content is paginated correctly, people tend to stay on your page, paying attention to it. Conversely, if the page is presented in a disorganized and confusing way, there is a high probability that the user will abandon your site and proceed with other searches.
  • Persuasive texts
    This is another interesting aspect: entice the potential customer to choose you. It is not a simple thing to do as you should not deceive the user with false news or by omitting important information.
  • Quality and originality
    The texts must obviously be of quality and original and must not be copied. To be such, I recommend that you write the texts for your site yourself, as only you know in detail the activities you carry out and consequently you can communicate the values ​​of your products and services in a simple and original way.

To reach the conclusion of this article, I make you reflect on a very important aspect. If your texts are rich in information and respect the characteristics listed above, you will most likely be able to capture the attention of the target users. Consequently, these users may be more interested in the information you write and will tend to remain on your pages even if the texts appear to be full-bodied. On the other hand, users who immediately leave your page are not really interested and are almost certainly not part of your target audience.

Having said that, with the advice I have just provided you, I hope I have clarified your ideas a little, giving you all the useful information for drafting or updating your textual content.

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