Web Services

Websites, e-commerce and web marketing strategies for companies and freelancers

The web is the fastest and cheapest means of communication and marketing.

Creating a website and making sure that the site has good online visibility, which is essential in the current era, is a complex job which consists of various phases, each of which requires specific expertise.

BASE315 aims to assist the customer in the creation and positioning of a website, in all stages of processing: from the registration and management of the domain, to the choice of the template (graphic layout of the site) as well as of the textual content and images to be inserted, to the optimization and positioning of the site itself, so that it can appear among the top positions on search engines.

All these activities, although it may seem the opposite, are inextricably linked to each other: for example, visibility on search engines can be achieved with advertising campaigns, but even before that it depends on quality and quantity of the contents inserted and the use of the links.

This last example, which is just one of the many that could be done, allows us to understand how it is highly preferable to entrust “the whole package” to a single agency, that deals organically with all stages.

BASE315 aims to do this: take the customer by the hand and accompany him from the beginning to the end of a project, offering specialist advice for every type of need.

Web sites

Professional website creation, e-commerce, annual maintenance, website applications, landing pages and web graphics.
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Web Marketing

Activities carried out to improve and disseminate the brand of a company, through the internet channel.
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Management of domains, emails, fan pages and company newsletters.
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Hourly assistance and plus, free training and advice.
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