Web sites

Creation of professional websites, e-commerce, website restyling, annual maintenance, website applications, landing pages and web graphics

Are you entering the world of the web and want to create a website or an e-commerce?

BASE315 is at your disposal!

The world of the web is very complex and is characterized by a series of activities that require great experience in the sector. Our web agency has all the necessary skills to carry out professional and high quality work, taking care of every single detail.

Our websites are built with the main CMS on the market: in particular, CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Concrete5 for websites and PrestaShop for e-commerce are used. We also develop sites without CMS.

The developed sites are all responsive, optimized for all devices.

Our web agency implements a series of standard features in the packages it offers, but it is possible to expand projects with custom solutions through the use of some plug-ins.

Below you can reach the dedicated pages to view all the details of what we do.

Professional web sites

Creation of high quality websites, optimized for each device. Upon request, it is possible to add custom features to your website.
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Professional and responsive e-commerce sites, created with the use of the main CMS on the market.
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Site restyling

Refurbishment of websites with content porting and purchase of a new graphic theme.
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Annual maintenance

Professional website creation, e-commerce, annual maintenance, website applications, landing pages and web graphics.
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Web applications

Use of various web applications, to expand the functionality of your websites and e-commerce.
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Landing page

Creation of effective landing pages that users reach following our invitation.
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Web graphics

Original restyling and creation of customized drafts for your websites.
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