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Some of the projects carried out by BASE315

Below we propose some projects by way of example, divided into the various categories. These are just some of the hundreds of projects we have created!

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These are just some satisfied customers of the BASE315 Team

Sgai Web site

We carried out the restyling for the Sgai website, a trucking company in Italy that specializes in the transport of special waste.

 Client: Sgai

Web site: www.sgaisrl.it

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Agnelli Calor Web site

We have carried out the restyling of the site of Agnelli Calor, a leading heating company, which takes care of bringing wood combustion to homes.

 Client: Agnelli Calor

Web site: www.agnellicalor.it

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Carrozzeria Zara Web site

mplementation of the new project for the Autocarrozzeria Zara car workshop in Voghera, in the province of Pavia.

 Client: Carrozzeria Zara

Web site: www.autocarrozzeriazara.it

Skills: CMS and Graphics

CS Coworking Web site

Creation of the website for CS Coworking, a new space in Pavia where there is the possibility to work and collaborate in total tranquility.

 Client: CS Coworking

Web site: www.cscoworking.it

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Diani E Maffi Web site

Our team took care of the redesign of the Diani and Maffi typography site. It is a commercial, editorial and digital printing company based in Broni.

 Client: Diani e Maffi

Web site: www.dianiemaffi.com

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Stk.lab Web site

We have created the new project by Stk.lab, a graphics and printing company that offers advanced solutions for the creation of labels, clothing, gadgets, shop windows and customized logos.

 Client: Stk.lab

Web site: www.stklab.it

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Formazione Allattamento Web site

The new website for Lactation Training has been created, the first Italian platform on the subject of breastfeeding that deals with carrying out live courses and webinars on demand.

 Client: Formazione Allattamento

Web site: www.formazioneallattamento.it

Skills: CMS and Graphics

J13 Web site

Realized the new site for J13, apartment with private SPA in Pavia. Suitable for both having fun and relaxing alone and in company.

 Client: J13

Web site: www.j13pavia.it

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Villa Gerlina Web site

The new site has been created for Villa Gerlina, a structure that stands in the middle of a large park on the outskirts of Voghera and offers expert assistance to the elderly during all activities of daily life.

 Client: Villa Gerlina

Web site: www.villagerlina.it

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Sito web Gest.Imm

Realization of the new website for Gest.Imm, real estate agency in Voghera.

 Client: Gest.Imm

Web site: www.gest-imm.net

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Ludwigtekne Web site

A custom motorcycle workshop like there are very few in circulation. Creativity, competence and a great desire to do that led them to also activate an e-commerce for clothing, spare parts and accessories for motorcyclists.

 Client: Ludwigtekne

Web site: www.ludwigtekne.com

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Agnetti e Ghisolfi Web site

The Agnetti and Ghisolfi company, which specializes in custom-made construction and installation of aluminum, wooden and PVC windows and doors, has recently commissioned the graphic restyling of its website, newly created with a different technology.

 Client: Agnetti e Ghisolfi

Web site: www.agnettieghisolfi.it

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Denise Maison de Beautè Web site

Denise Maison de Beautè, an elegant and refined city SPA in Vigevano, is one of the customers we have been following for years and, for a few months, we have refreshed the graphics of her website to make it more attractive and modern.

 Client: Denise Maison de Beautè

Web site: www.denisemaison.net

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Kaer Ventilation S.r.l. Web site

We have been pleased to assist for years this important company leader in the production and distribution of extractor hoods and articles for industrial ventilation and, recently, we put their new website online after having carried out a graphic restyling.

 Client: Kaer Ventilation S.r.l.

Web site: www.kaer.it

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Robipack Web site

For Robipack s.r.l., a leading company in the design and construction of industrial packaging machines, we have carried out a restyling of the company website, created in multilingual (Italian, English and Spanish).

 Client: Robipack s.r.l

Web site: www.robipack.it

Skills: CMS, Graphics, Multilingual

Notalegale Web site

For the notalegale.it project, a company made up of professionals who have been working for many years in the legal field and which aims to assist those who intend to buy a property at auction, we have created the new web project.

 Client: Notalegale

Web site: www.notalegale.it

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Alba Sales Consulting Web site

Alba Sales Consulting is an agency formed in January 1997 that deals with high-end design and architecture, with the aim of promoting the excellence of Made in Italy design in Eastern European countries. We have created the new Alba Sales Consulting showcase site by creating in particular a portfolio of the treated brands accompanied by images of the various creations.

 Client: Alba S.A.S. Di Leonessa A. & C.

Web site: www.albasalesconsulting.com

Skills: CMS, Graphics, Multilingual

Policoperture Web site

Sometimes it’s good to change! Policoperture, a company specialized in the waterproofing and dehumidification sectors, has been our customer for years and has decided to renew its image online.

 Client: Policoperture S.r.l.

Web site: www.policoperture.it

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Ospedale Veterinario Città di Pavia Web site

Animal caregivers have a special place in the heart of BASE315. We present a staff of professionals who, in reality, would not need to present any data, for thirty years, represents a point of reference for those in need of loving and professional care for their furry friends.

 Client: Ospedale Veterinario Città di Pavia

Web site: www.ospedaleveterinariopavia.it

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Alcafer Web site

We created a graphic restyling of the web project for Alcafer, a company in Voghera that manufactures and sells metal carpentry products and iron items, also based on the customer’s design.

 Client: ALCAFER di Calabria Alessandro

Web site: www.alcafer.it

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Smokey & Co Web site

Website creation for Smokey & amp; Co, an American-style restaurant in the province of Pavia.

 Client: Smokey & Co

Web site: www.smokeyandco.com

Skills: CMS and Graphics

E-commerce Goggi Hair & Beauty Center

Creation of e-commerce for Goggi Hair & amp; Beauty Center, center in Voghera for the distribution of products and professional equipment for hairdressers.

 Client: Goggi Hair & Beauty Center

Web site: www.goggibeauty.shop

Skills: CMS, Online sales

E-commerce New Baby Store

We were happy to create newbabystore.it, an online store for the sale of products for children, managed with professionalism and seriousness and, above all, with all the attention to quality that a mother requires.

 Client: New Baby Store

Web site: www.newbabystore.it

Skills: CMS, Online sales

E-commerce I4MaskS

During the Covid-19 emergency i4MaskS has created a mask that, thanks to its transparent visor, allows the wearer to never hide their lips. It is a product designed to meet the needs of those who need to read lips. For this innovative client, we have created a multilingual e-commerce.

 Client: i4 s.r.l. Unipersonale

Web site: www.smilemask.shop

Skills: CMS, Multilingual, Online sales

E-Commerce Bottega Oltrepò

For Bottega Oltrepò we have created an online showcase to allow them to show the typical products of Oltrepò Pavese and neighboring areas to a wider audience of buyers who can, by purchasing online, enjoy the specialties of the area in any part of Italy.

 Client: Bottega Oltrepò S.r.l.

Web site: www.bottegaoltrepo.com

Skills: CMS, Graphics and Online sales

E-Commerce Salerno Tendaggi

Creation of a website for Salone Tendaggi, a shop in Voghera for the sale of curtains, fabrics and home furnishings.

 Client: Arredo Casa di Salerno Elena

Web site: www.salernotendaggi.com

Skills: CMS, Graphics and Online Sales

E-commerce Amaro Carthusia

Website restyling for Druidi srl, a young innovative start-up that after years of professional research has perfected itself in the study, treatment and maceration of aromatic herbs.

 Client: Amaro Carthusia

Web site: www.amarocarthusia.it

Skills: CMS, Graphics and Online Sales

E-Commerce Benedetti Snc

Benedetti S.n.c., since 1981, deals with the supply of equipment for camping and tourist villages and specializes in the sale of customizable bracelets. For this company we have created an e-commerce website for the online sale of its products.

 Client: Benedetti snc

Web site: www.benedettisnc.com

Skills: CMS and Graphics

Logo Fantasy Acconciature

For Fantasy Hairstyles we have created a logo to be used on business cards, letterheads and social pages.

 Client: Fantasy Acconciature

Skills: Design and Graphics

Logo Galapagos Bar

For the Galapagos bar we created a logo to be used on business cards, letterheads and social pages.

 Client: Galapagos Bar

Skills: Design and Graphics

Logo Net Instruments

NeT instruments, a company that designs and develops electronic instruments for research on nuclear physics and its applications in the industrial field, commissioned us to study the company logo, which was then also used on the website we created.

 Client: NeT Instruments snc di Stefano Bassini e C.

Web site: www.netinstruments.it

Skills: Graphics

Logo Studio Legale Lenchi

The Lenchi Law Firm, of Vigevano, chose us for the realization of the logo, to be used for business cards, headed paper and, of course, for their website, created by us.

 Client: Studio Lenchi

Web site: www.studiolenchi.com

Skills: Graphics

Logo Studio Legale N&S

The N&S Law Firm, of Pavia, has chosen us for the realization of the logo, in addition to the graphics and printing of business cards.

 Client: Chiedilo al tuo avvocatoStudio Legale N&S

Web site: www.studiolegalenes.it

Skills: Design and Graphics