AdWords campaigns

AdWords campaigns are, to date, one of the most effective tools for finding new customers using the web channel.

They fall into the broader category of pay per click, or campaigns in which the advertiser decides the budget to invest which will be proportionally reduced each time the ad placed by the same will be clicked by users.

This form of online advertising has the enormous advantage of allowing you to make a “targeted” investment, defining the target of your audience and thus allowing you to show the ads to people actually interested in the products and/or services offered.

To do this, it is necessary to strategically identify the keywords to be used, the position in which you want the ad to appear, as well as the days, hours and frequency.

But not only! You can even choose the age, location and language of your potential and future customers, as well as the devices on which the ad should appear.

Adwords campaigns are, ultimately, an indispensable tool for those who intend to use the web to spread their brand but, like all tools of this type, they guarantee better results if configured by a professional in the sector.

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Frequent questions

Why is my campaign not showing up?

There are numerous reasons why you may not see your ad when searching on Google; Here are the main ones:

  • you are searching from an area outside the campaign’s range;
  • the daily campaign budget is exhausted;
    you have already done the same search several times;
  • you are looking for a keyword not included in the campaign;
  • the campaign has not started yet or has already ended.

If you do not see your ad, it does not mean that the campaign is not active and set up correctly.

We also advise you not to carry out research of this type; in fact, you should know that Google assigns a quality score to the ad and, every time you search, it attributes a relationship (which is called CTR) between the times an ad is viewed and the times it is clicked.
If you carry out a search but do not click on the ad, the CTR lowers and penalizes (even if minimally) the ad itself and the progress of the campaign.
To evaluate the progress of the campaign, Google AdWords provides, for those who do this work, specific services for the control and progress of the campaign itself.

Instead, we recommend that you wait for the report that will allow you to check the results of the campaign yourself.