Web Marketing

The term web marketing means the set of activities aimed at improving and spreading the brand of a company, using the internet channel to guarantee its visibility.

Once you have taken the first and fundamental step which consists in the development and putting online of your website, there are, therefore, numerous activities that can be carried out to promote it, such as:

  • Optimization and positioning;
  • AdWords campaigns;
  • Email marketing;
  • Press releases;
  • Link building
  • Directory entry;
  • Social marketing
  • and much more …

Optimization and Positioning (SEO)

The term “positioning” referring to the internet sector refers to search engines (Google, Yahoo, Virgilio, Altavista, MNS, Excite, etc.) and indicates the position of a particular website within a search performed on an engine with a certain keyword.
The more the site will come out among the first search results, the more the positioning will be optimized and the site will have visibility and a high number of visitors.
For example, suppose you have a hardware store in Pavia; a user to find you will carry out a search of this type: “ferramenta pavia”.
However, we must know that, according to statistics, about 85% of users read only the first 20 results of a search, which immediately makes us understand the importance of reaching the top positions in the rankings of search engines.
If your site does not appear in the first results, do not despair; there are several search marketing strategies, which after a careful analysis we will be able to advise you, through which it will be possible to bring your site to the top of the search ranking.

Pay per Click campaigns

A pay per click campaign is a very effective and widespread advertising medium on the net.
It consists of displaying ads in the form of text, image or video ads in search engine results with a specific keyword or on quality thematic sites. The advertiser who displays his ad will pay every time a user clicks on it, then only for each click actually received.
The advertiser can choose the destination of the user who clicked your ad by inserting a link to your site or to a page created specifically for the campaign (landing page).
The investment depends on the advertiser who can set a daily budget and optimize the campaign so that his ad is only advertised during searches with the keywords he has chosen; however, he will only pay if a user clicks on his ad.
The best program in the world to manage a pay par click campaign is definitely Google AdWords.

Optimization and positioning

SEO activities to increase the visibility of your websites and e-commerce, improving the positioning on search engines.
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AdWords campaigns

Creation and management of advertising campaigns in order to promote your brand and reach new customers.
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Social Marketing

Use of social media to increase brand awareness, to spread your promotional messages and to establish a direct dialogue with customers.
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Email Marketing

Using e-mail to send promotional messages and corporate communications to our customers.
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Link building and directory

Creating links to your website in order to increase visibility and positioning on search engines.
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