Work with us

Enter BASE315!

BASE315 is a young, serious and dynamic company looking for new collaborators of different nature.

At the moment we are not looking for professionals to be permanently included in the staff but only external collaborators. We therefore ask you to send us applications only if you are interested in one of the forms of collaboration indicated in the “Collaborate with us” section.

Collaborate with us

At the moment the figures required by our company are the following:


The business finder will undertake to promote the services provided by BASE315 and subsequently report the customers contacted to the latter.

On successful sales, BASE315 will pay the Agent a commission calculated according to the agreed percentages, applied to the value of the service purchased by the end customer.

Reseller (for companies)

Are your customers interested in our products?
You can become our Partner and resell our web products (sites, campaigns, advertising spaces and more …), earning a percentage for each customer acquired.
We select the best companies in the IT/technology and communication fields such as hardware, software, drones, graphics and more with the aim of forging alliances that allow both companies to offer additional and professional services able to fully satisfy a larger category. large customer base.

Becoming our partner means having professionals in the web field at your side and, vice versa, providing your technical know-how to our company; the combination of these activities will allow both to develop more rapidly.

Do you want to increase the range of your products?

Become a BASE315 partner and start earning with high quality web products at unbelievable costs!


If your products or services are in some way similar/complementary to those we offer and you think they are interesting for our customers, you can offer them to our staff by specifying their type and characteristics. If we deem them suitable, we will be able to offer them and sell them to all our customers.


Another way to propose your services to our customers is to become sponsor of our newsletter. In this way, when we send our monthly newsletter, we will indicate you as our sponsor, and all those who receive it will be able to see a brief description of your company/activity and the services/products offered.

Exchange of visibility

If you have a company or a website and you want to exchange visibility through social networks, newsletters, or other, you can send us an email from our contact form.