Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the marketing techniques aimed at the web which consists in sending e-mails containing commercial messages and more, concerning products, services or news, with the aim of obtaining new flows of commercial contacts, strengthening the bond with existing customers and retain them, increase sales or simply invite them to come back to our site again.

In recent times, many companies have decided to invest in e-mail marketing which, if followed well, can guarantee them satisfactory investment results and a return on selected and targeted traffic, even with a minimum commitment of money. Writing an email, however, contrary to what it may seem, is never a simple operation nor is it trivial.
As it is not possible to transmit some important details such as the tone of voice and facial expressions through an e-mail, communication is much more difficult to understand and interpret than verbal communication. This is why a successful e-mail is frequently created by specialized copywriters updated on the most effective techniques and the best resources to use.

BASE315 can help you in this task by creating, selecting and managing a database of potential customers for you in order to increase its development, with the consequent advantages of a numerical growth of customers, greater visibility and more consistent revenues.