Digital archiving

File storage space

Data archiving is a fundamental activity to be able to keep all our files safely and easily, whether they are photos, videos, documents or more.

In fact, with the word archive we mean a binder where all digital files are inserted and stored.

Very often we postpone this activity because we do not feel like it, or because we do not have enough time to invest in it or because we do not find the service we are looking for.

BASE315 offers a Cloud digital storage service for your files. The cost is annual and is € 24.90.
Below you can find all the specifications.


Annual cost
  • Storage of all your files: photos, videos, documents of any type (medical visits, bills, fines ...)
  • Ability to exchange and share your files with whoever you want
  • Space service in the cloud
  • Your files will be accessible via management or via ftp