Creation of Virtual Tour, photographic services and image optimization

Nowadays, it is clear to everyone how important it is to insert images of good quality on your website.

An effective image of one’s products or services offered constitutes the first and essential business card of the activity that takes place.

An image can convey a message, at times, better than any description, attracts the user’s attention and entices them to read more content within the website. This entails (in addition to the obvious and indisputable advantage of intriguing the user and enticing him to purchase the products and/or services offered) an increase in the time each visitor stays on the site, thus helping to improve the positioning on search engines.

On the contrary, a poor quality image can dissuade the user from buying and stimulate him to search “elsewhere” for what he needs.

However, not everyone has the time and ability to produce captivating shots, enhancing the qualities of the framed objects.

For this reason, BASE315, with the intention of providing a 360 ° service, offers the possibility of using a professional photographer who takes care of this instead of the client, creating shots to be included in the website. of the same.

Virtual Tour

Simulation of an existing place, by inserting a sequence of videos, images, panoramas or 3D.
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Photographic Services

Realization of photos for commercial use for companies, hotels, restaurants and SPA.
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Photographic post production

Enhance and optimize photographs with a better yield from an aesthetic point of view.
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