Domain email

Why choose an email account linked to a domain?

First, it is worth answering a question that many people will probably ask themselves: “ Why activate an email account linked to a domain?”

The answer is very simple: because it makes communication with your interlocutors much more professional.

In fact, to take advantage of an e-mail account, you can easily contact providers that offer the service for free and of which there is a wide choice on the market (eg. Gmail, Libero, Tiscali, Yhaoo, etc.)

Nothing wrong with an email account that is used for personal communications.
If, on the other hand, the latter are part of the performance of their profession, the use of these accounts is not exactly advisable. This is because the aforementioned e-mail addresses contain the name of the provider used, which has nothing to do with the profession carried out.

Here is an example:

On the other hand, an e-mail account linked to a domain that obviously bears the company’s brand is quite different.


The use of email accounts linked to the domain also brings with it another indisputable advantage: a potentially infinite number of accounts can be connected to a domain (the price obviously varies depending on the maintainer used).

This allows, for example, to address different people, while maintaining the awareness that they are all part of the same company or the same professional firm.


But there is more!
It is possible to create different email accounts not to address different people, but to carry out different activities.