Programs to create browsable catalogs

Browse PDF digitally Do you want to leaf through a magazine, read a book or view a brochure and are you tired of the classic view of your PDFs? Do you want something more lively and attractive? Do not worry! On the web, you can find a number of solutions that could make the display […]

Ideal length of website texts

The importance of the website content The contents of the website allow you to transmit the values ​​of your company and to define the success of your website. Very often the owners of the site underestimate some contents, giving more importance to some elements and neglecting others. In fact, all the content that we insert […]

Upgrade Prestashop from version to version

Update performed with the 1 click Upgrade module If you are a Prestashop user you may have received an email a few days ago that sent you to update your project to the new version released on the market, namely In this guide, I will explain how to update your e-commerce from the previous […]

Manage a website yourself? That’s when it’s convenient

Before addressing the heart of the matter, I would like to make a necessary premise: nowadays, working on the web may seem easy and cheap, but it is not. This, in my opinion incorrect, belief is certainly fueled by the many portals that spread misleading ideas with slogans such as “create your site in minutes”, […]

The advantages of coworking

Why choose coworking? In this article we aim to deal with a style of work that is rapidly and forcefully making its way into today’s reality: coworking. For those who still do not know, coworking consists in sharing a workspace between various professionals who, while “cohabiting” and possibly collaborating with each other, keep their own […]

Why create a blog?

Why a blog could grow your business In this post we try to explain to you what a blog is and why, in some cases, it is useful to keep one. The blog is basically an online diary in which more or less long thoughts are published. It is generally made with a particular, well-defined […]

10 reasons why you can’t do without a website

The benefits of having a business website During business discussions with entrepreneurs or freelancers who do not yet own a website, some of them are reluctant to create one. Although I am often not even proposing to them to develop one, I am sometimes anticipated with the following objections: “we would do it, but it […]

The content of the website

What textual and graphic content you need to include in your project Any web expert is aware of how the contents of a site are crucial to its success. Not surprisingly, in the field of web marketing, the so-called “content marketing“, that is the set of activities aimed at attracting potential customers not with direct […]

Secure your Google account

The topic of network security has been at the center of attention for some time. With the advancement of technology and the possibilities offered by the Internet, the risks and the dangers of seeing stolen your data increase at the same pace, if not your own accounts. In fact, it often happens that your account […]

Secure your Microsoft account

As already seen for the article Secure your Google account, also Microsoft (and not only of course) has entered advanced security features for your users’ accounts. Below we see the steps required for activation. First, let’s select “View Microsoft Account” from the drop-down menu. And from here, we need to click on “Security”, where we […]