The best email marketing tools

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the marketing tools most used by companies, for sending commercial and non-commercial communications to the target audience.

The sending of communications must be constant in order to build stable relationships between brands and consumers, to retain the end user and to stay in contact with existing customers.

The email must be well structured: messages must be short and clear right away. For this reason, it is recommended to write the email informally, divide the text into paragraphs and insert links or CTAs (Call To Action) to direct the user directly to perform a specific action. Furthermore, the layout of the email must be attractive in order to convince the user to read it. Everything must be done with a view to making the brand professional and reliable.

What are the objectives of email marketing?

If the customer is already acquired, the company or brand must inform him of the latest news, products and promotions in progress, but must also reward and retain him.

In the event that the user is subscribed to the newsletter, but is not yet a full-fledged customer, then the company must encourage him to take an action.

The advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very powerful means and has the following advantages:

  • is an instant service: in a few seconds it allows you to reach a very large audience;
  • allows you to customize the message you want to convey;
  • guarantees optimal results in terms of ROI (Return On Investment);
  • allows you to improve your company’s online reputation and be credible;
  • is traceable: you can track email open rates, positive or negative feedback, and sales derived from marketing;
  • reduces costs: they are very low compared to any other type of advertising;
  • increase audience and sales.

The main tools

So far we have defined the concept of Email Marketing and what are the advantages of this tool, but how can we structure optimal campaigns?

There are many tools on the market, but now let’s see which ones are most used.

MailChimp is one of the best known email marketing services. Before proceeding with use, the platform requires the free creation of an account.

Once subscribed, users have the possibility to create their own newsletter through one of the free templates offered by the service or by creating a customized layout. In addition, the user can schedule the automatic sending of emails and manage the addresses of the subscribers.

MailChimp features the following four plans:

In summary there are:

  • a free MailChimp plan dedicated to those who have a maximum of 2,000 subscribers and send a maximum number of 10,000 emails each month;
  • three paid plans: Essential with up to 500,000 monthly mailings, Standard with 1.2 million monthly mailings and Premium with over 3 million monthly mailings.

MailUp is a powerful , scalable and integrated marketing solution used to build relationships with your customers.

The platform allows users to create campaigns and send them via email and SMS. In addition to this, the platform allows you to automate and monitor the marketing campaigns carried out.

Unlike other platforms, prices do not vary according to the number of contacts entered in the database, but are defined based on the functionality and speed of delivery: we mean the maximum number of emails that can be sent in 2 hours.

Consequently, we see the plans proposed by MailUp:

MailUp allows users to sign up for a free trial period, but at the end if you want to continue to maintain the service, you need to subscribe to one of the aforementioned plans. The cheapest plan is the Starter, priced at € 470 per year, for a database of up to 5,000 recipients.

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SendinBlue is email marketing and SMS software that allows you to create, schedule and manage the sending of email campaigns. The platform is immediate and very simple to use. Like MailChimp, SendInBlue also has a free plan, without any restrictions and supports many advanced functions. Among them there is, for example: the sending of transactional emails, the sending of SMS and the creation of automatic emails linked to certain events. The free plan allows you to have unlimited contacts and to send up to 300 emails per day. Below you can see the remaining paid plans with their respective characteristics:

GetResponse is another email marketing software that integrates several activities: mail marketing, marketing automation, landing page and webinar. The platform is secure and allows users to add contacts, plan marketing campaigns and manage sales, but also to analyze the results obtained and plan new strategies. Below are the prices of the plans proposed by GetResponse:

GetResponse offers a free trial period for 30 days, after which it is necessary to proceed with the activation of one of the proposed plans: the basic plan is priced at € 13 per month; the plus at € 45 per month and the professional at € 89 per month. In addition, the user can request a quote for the customization of their package.

ActiveCampaign is the most popular email marketing platform for small and medium-sized businesses, offering advanced email marketing, sales automation and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities. There is also no free plan on this platform, but you can request a 14-day free trial. At the end of the term, it is necessary to proceed with the subscription to one of the subscription plans listed below:

SqualoMail is another platform for email marketing. It is a service that allows you to create newsletters by choosing from the 50 graphic templates proposed by the platform, or by creating a customized one. It also offers the possibility of segmenting recipients in various lists and searching for them through filters; to schedule emails and verify the results; to automate emails by sending them automatically; but also to collect email addresses on your website via pop-ups and sign-up forms. SqualoMail has a range of plans, all for a fee. The platform offers a 15-day free trial period in which you can take advantage of all the features offered. The only limit is the sending of messages which is limited to 1000. Below are the packages offered by SqualoMail:

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