The PEC: let’s clarify a bit…

This article aims to clarify the PEC, a valuable tool to support companies and professionals but still, for some, an illustrious unknown.

What is it?

Let’s start by saying that the acronym PEC stands for “Certified Electronic Mail”.

This allows you to easily understand how the PEC has something more than ordinary electronic mail, or what more colloquially is called email.

The PEC, in fact, has legal value. We can safely say that the PEC, in the digital age, represents a compromise between sending an email and sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

It also guarantees the integrity of the message, that is, that it reaches its destination without any possibility of being altered.

Why use it?

When we use a registered letter with return receipt we do so because it allows not only to send a message to a subject but also to obtain proof that such communication has actually reached the recipient.

The PEC allows to achieve the same result in a much shorter time and at a much lower cost.

As for the times, it is easy to say: think about how long it takes to write a letter on the computer, print it, head the envelope and go to the post office and send it (I don’t know about you but I feel lucky when I wait in line for only 15 minutes) .

With regard to costs, it is enough to know that, once the relative service has been purchased (which, as a rule, has an annual expiry) it is possible to send an unlimited number of communications.

If we consider that a registered letter has a cost of more than 5.00 each. and that, with some of the most well-known managers, the annual cost of a PEC service is 5.00 euros per year, it is easy to understand what savings it allows to obtain.

In addition, the cost of a registered letter varies according to the number of sheets of which it is composed. The more sheets we have, the more expensive we will pay for the service.

The sending of a certified e-mail, on the other hand, does not depend on the length of the message.

The only negative side compared to the traditional registered letter is represented by the fact that the PEC allows you to obtain a delivery receipt with legal value only if it is sent to another PEC address. Therefore, to send a communication and have a document certifying that it has been delivered to the recipient, it is essential that the latter has a Certified Email account.

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For whom is it mandatory?

Possession of a Certified E-mail account is mandatory for: Public Administration, companies, professionals (architects, engineers, lawyers, chartered accountants, labor consultants), sole proprietorships.

How to search for a PEC address?

If you need to send a communication and you do not know the recipient’s certified email address, finding out is very simple: just consult the INI-certified email address, created by the Ministry of Economic Development and containing the national list of certified electronic mail addresses.

Using it is very simple.

Once you have typed in the following address click on Search Pec Address

Then you need to select the form to use, which varies depending on whether the PEC address sought corresponds to a company or a professional.

At this point it is sufficient to enter the data you have and which allow you to unequivocally identify the professional or company in question.

After several attempts, I concluded that the best method, in my opinion, is to enter the VAT number which, being unique, allows to identify without any doubt the person sought.

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