How to make someone an administrator of a Facebook page

It may happen, for a variety of reasons, that the administrator of a Facebook page is in the position of appointing another person as administrator in his place or in addition to himself.

Often, for example, the more successful a page is, the more challenging it becomes to administer alone and requires more time.

Here then becomes useful, if not essential, the intervention of someone who, by administering the page with you, gives you a hand and relieves you of part of the work.

Making someone an administrator is a very simple operation.

Here’s how to proceed:


1) First you need to connect to Facebook and go to the page in question.

2) After that, you have to click on the top right on the item “SETTINGS”; by doing so you will find yourself in the general settings of the page.

3) At this point, on the vertical menu on the left, click on the item “ROLES OF THE PAGE”.

4) You will be prompted to type the name or email address of the person in question and to select the role that this person must have with respect to the page from the drop-down menu below.

In our case, select the “administrator” item.

5) Once you have chosen the administrator role, this warning will appear.

6) After clicking “SAVE” another window will appear where you will be asked to re-type the password to access Facebook.

The new director will be notified of the appointment.

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Funziona più o meno nel medesimo modo.

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Continua, poi, come da punto 4) sopra riportato.

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