E-commerce to help companies against COVID-19

Continuing your business online: a change necessary to survive!

The ongoing health and economic emergency, caused by the spread of COVID-19, is forcing us to use new means to solve everyday problems (e.g. shopping online, paying bills with home banking) and to carry out our work activities where possible (smart working).

Since the start of what the WHO has called a pandemic, e-commerce sales have seen a surge in requests (around 80% in addition according to a Nielsen survey) and even some of the most reluctant have faced this new way of buying.

E-commerce can, even more so at this time, be a way to continue your business satisfying the needs of customers while not selling them in person.

Many of our customers who had already taken steps to sell online are confirming how, in this unprecedented crisis, online selling has provided them with a means to cope with the sudden and drastic liquidity crisis.

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Just think of the fact that our needs have changed, it is true, but only in part.However, we must eat, dress, take care of personal hygiene and that of our home, etc.
What has changed (it was already changing but the danger of contagion has given an unprecedented acceleration to the process) is the way to buy, which no longer occurs by going to the trader but concluding the remote purchase.

For this reason, BASE315 wants to help companies by doing what it knows how to do: websites and e-commerce.
We offer for April and May a 30% discount for the realization of a web project.

BASE315 is a web agency based in Voghera in the province of Pavia.

For years, however, we have also carried out our business remotely and we are used to following our customers even from a distance.
Therefore, we are fortunate to be able to remain operational while protecting you and us.

We operate throughout the Italian territory and we are able to follow you wherever you are.
So, even if you don’t live in the province of Pavia (and not even in Lombardy), don’t hesitate. For us distance not has never been a limit.

In conclusion, if you have a business you are interested in opening an online store and need our assistance, contact us and we will be by your side in this process of change!

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