Packages by the hour

"Scaled-up" care packages

By purchasing a “tiered hours” assistance package, BASE315 undertakes to provide a technical assistance service on the websites of its production, in the various areas of competence, offering you timely interventions and cost optimization.

By purchasing an hourly assistance package, requests will have priority over the one-off ones and will be processed faster.

Furthermore, the purchase of an hourly assistance package allows to achieve a not negligible economic saving.

In fact, the c.d. “Right to call”, the amount of which is Euro 20.00 per intervention.

Furthermore, by purchasing assistance hours cumulatively, a discount is applied to the cost of a single intervention hour (€ 30.00 each).
Below are the assistance packages we offer:

1 hour package€ 35,00
5 hours package€ 170,00savings of about 1,00 €/hour
10 hours package€ 320,00savings of about 3,00 €/hour
20 hours package€ 600,00savings of about 5,00 €/hour
30 hours package€ 840,00savings of about 7,00 €/hour
50 hours package€ 1.300,00savings of about 9,00 €/hour
100 hours package€ 2.400,00savings of about 11,00 €/hour

Priority care

For those who need the intervention to be performed as soon as possible and in any case within 48 hours, they can request priority assistance by specifying it in the ticket.
In this case, the hours of assistance used to carry out the intervention will be counted double (e.g., the intervention itself lasts 2 hours but, if requested with priority, 4 hours will be deducted from the total number of hours).
It should be noted that this form of assistance can only be requested for interventions of short duration (max 4 hours).