Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

Difference between ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

Dear Customer of BASE315,

if you are in this section it is because you want to understand what the difference is between ordinary maintenance, included in the creation and annual maintenance of your website, and extraordinary maintenance.

Ordinary maintenance

By ordinary maintenance we mean those activities necessary to keep your website efficient, such as plugin and graphic theme updates.

These are operations which you are not always informed of and which you often do not realize are being carried out, but which are essential for the “health” of your site and which, for this reason, we carry out periodically.

Minor content updates are also included in routine maintenance (e.g. change contact information such as email or telephone number, update opening hours, etc.).

Extraordinary maintenance

All interventions exceeding ordinary maintenance are consequently included in the extraordinary maintenance and are carried out upon purchase of a Monte ore assistance package in Scalare.

By way of non-exhaustive example, the interventions aimed at:

  • creating new pages
  • modification of existing pages by inserting new contents (e.g. replacement of images and texts)
  • control of activities carried out independently by the customer (for self-managed websites)

For e-commerce, in particular, the following are part of the extraordinary maintenance:

  • creation of new products and categories
  • creation and/or verification of the functioning of discount coupons
  • change configured sales settings
  • creation of new customer groups
  • edit navigation menu
  • changing shipping methods