How to send material to BASE315

Preparation of the material

If we are dealing with the creation or restyling of your website it is essential that you know how to prepare the material to send us.

Here are some suggestions to better prepare the material to send us.

  • Concentrate on one page at a time : you will need to create a series of folders identical to your menu tree and insert the content of the web pages in the respective folders.
  • The material must be of high quality : the quality of a website is not directly proportional to the quantity of images inserted; indeed, the insertion of an excessive number of images could be counterproductive as, for those who do not have a fast connection, the page display would be extremely slow and this could lead the visitor to abandon the visited page.

It seems an obvious phase, but in reality, if done correctly, it allows you to speed up processing times, as we can proceed directly with the insertion of the contents, without having to contact you again for clarification or to ask you for further information.

What are the essential contents to send us?

  1. Textual content
    Texts are definitely the main content that populates your website. The texts must be original and not copied from other sites. This will allow you to have pages that are unique and different from your competitors.
  2. Logo
    In addition to the texts, one of the first elements we add to the new site is the logo, which allows you to be recognizable on the market. In this case we recommend that you send us the file in high resolution or in PNG format.
  3. Images
    Images are another important element because they affect the graphics of your website. Beautiful images, but above all of high quality make your site certainly captivating. We recommend that you carefully select the images you wish to send us.
    Also in this case, as for textual content, the images must not be copied or taken directly from the internet.
    – grainy images;
    – images copied from the internet (there are free and paid portals to freely search for images for your website; you can read our article on how to search for images for your site);
    – off-target images (the images must be consistent with the activities you carry out);
    – a large number of images (I remind you that it is not necessary to have a large number of images as they would only slow down the loading of your website pages).
  4. Video
    This is another type of content that can be placed on your website. If you want more information on this topic, I suggest you consult the page how to insert a video on your site.

Sending the material to our company

Once the material is prepared, you are ready to send it!
The material must be carefully selected and must NOT be sent repeatedly.

To send, you can proceed in the following ways:

  • by sending the material to our company email: in the case of short texts or small files;
  • using one of the web services on the market: in case there is a large amount of material or it is a large file. These services allow you to send the material in a few seconds even to those on the other side of the planet, without weighing down the e-mail box.

The web service mainly used for sending heavy material is WeTransfer. It is advisable to send all the material in a folder (possibly divided into subfolders) in a single time and not in multiple submissions in order to optimize times.
Example: create a folder called “Website” in which you will insert subfolders corresponding to the pages of your site.

If you want more information on how WeTransfer works or on what alternatives there are to this service, we recommend that you read our article Send large files from your pc.