How to check the originality of a text

Anyone who creates a site or, even more so, a blog knows how much time and energy must be invested in the creation of original textual content.

It is an indispensable activity for the positioning of a web project and it is understandable that it brings a lot of heartburn to see that someone, without making any effort, fills their site with content copied by others (often without even making the effort of rework them).

On the contrary, we may find ourselves in the situation of having to check whether the contents we intend to publish have not been copied by others. This is the case, for example, of those who intend to publish articles or posts written by others and, before proceeding, rightly want to ascertain their originality.

In today’s article we suggest some simple tools to carry out this check.

The simplest and most immediate method is to copy a portion of text and paste it into a specific search engine.

Among the results will appear the sites where that portion of text is present and in pole position we should find the one who first proceeded to publish it.

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This method, although simple and fast, has a limit: it could, in fact, generate misleading results or, even, not produce any results where the text to be verified is of a fair length.

To remedy the problem, one should therefore proceed by selecting small portions of text and this obviously involves a considerable waste of time when the text in question is of appreciable extent.

Alternatively, we can use Plagium .

Plagium is a tool offered free of charge to those who use it occasionally.

Using it is very simple; just copy and paste the relevant text in the space provided and click on “Quick Search”.

Another useful tool is offered to us by Copyscape which allows us to check entire web pages, entering the URL of the page in question where required.

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