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Over the last few months of work, it has happened with increasing frequency that our customers ask us to create a private area (global or personalized) for their site.

So let’s take this opportunity, with this article, to explain what a reserved area is and why it can be useful to create it within the first site.

A reserved area is a part of the site, consisting of one or more pages, which can only be accessed by users with certain characteristics: usually these are users who have registered on the site, entering the data requested by the administrator, but the access could be further restricted (for example, by providing that not only registration but also payment of a certain amount of money is required to view certain pages).

To do this, the permissions are changed in the page settings according to the needs: it is possible to set limits to the various operations allowed (e.g. access/display, file download, modification of contents, …).

Having said that, why should the need arise to create a reserved area?

The reasons are the most disparate, but substantially, in our opinion, they are all attributable to one.

As we have said several times, the web has revolutionized the methods and times of communication with different tools: let’s think about emails and how quickly they allow you to send messages from the opposite side of the globe compared to the traditional postal service.

A website offers something more, namely the possibility of transmitting a message, an idea, a thought simultaneously to an indefinite number of people.

This aspect, of course, has pros and cons: there is, in fact, information that we want to convey to many people who visit our site, but not to everyone.

That’s why create a reserved area! Because it allows us to send news and data only to the people we have selected.

And at this point someone might wonder: why not send an email to those directly involved?

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Simple: because entering the information in question in a reserved area allows you to perform the same operation much faster (think about how long it takes to upload a file once compared to the time it takes to send several emails, even if it is a cumulative email with multiple recipients).

In addition, people who are allowed access will be able to view the document as many times as they want and after some time: just access the reserved area and view it, saving you unnecessary hassle.

Tell me if the following conversation reminds you of anything:

Can you send me the email with the document x?

– Damn, the email didn’t reach me

– Okay, I’ll send it back

a few months pass

– Do you know that I can no longer find the email with which you sent me the document x? Can you send it back to me please?

– Ceeertoooo (grrrr !!!)

Has this ever happened to you? To us, unfortunately; and when these inconveniences occur with several people, the time lost is of no small importance.

In addition, site users will be able to view documents that are always updated.
It will be enough for the administrator to make sure, gradually, to keep them as such in the reserved area, eliminating the need to send them back to all interested parties every time even the smallest change is made to the content of them.

Still not convinced? Here is a series of examples of situations in which creating a reserved area can be very useful:

– The doctor or the analysis center that wants to transmit to patients the reports of the exams taken, without forcing them to go physically to collect them;

– the lawyer who wants to send documents and documents relating to a lawsuit, or a legal opinion to the client who requested it;

– the company that wants to allow only registered customers to view their price list of their products/services;

– the photographer/graphic/creative who intends to allow the download of their photographs/creations, covered by copyright, only to those who have purchased them;

e-commerce which, obviously, conditions the possibility of making the purchase order upon registration with indication of all the data necessary for shipping and billing and the choice of payment method.

Those indicated above are only a small part of the circumstances in which the usefulness of creating a reserved area may arise.

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