Domain Extension

What are extensions?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, Extensions are those letters that are found to the right of the dot of a URL and represent the final part of the domain name.

I’ll simplify the concept with a concrete example; if we take into consideration the extension of the site is .it.

Surely you are wondering what these extensions are for and above all how to choose the right one for you. Do not worry in the paragraphs below I try to explain everything in a simple way.

Why are there extensions?

Extensions were born mainly for two reasons:

  • increase your chances of finding your name available
    Over time, the extensions have continued to increase to give individuals the opportunity to find an available name linked to their company or business.
    In recent years there has been a real explosion in domain purchases, following a growing interest in the world of the web.
  • create different categories/types of websites
    This allows you to precisely tag one site rather than another.
    Initially there weren’t many extensions, but over the years they have increased dramatically.

The main extensions

As we have already mentioned above, nowadays we can find numerous types of extensions. Obviously, each of them has its own meaning: some, for example, provide information in relation to the category of a company or activity; others define the geographical origin of that domain (we are referring to national domains such as .it, provincial or regional ones).

For this reason, before proceeding with the purchase of the domain, it is good to evaluate which one is more suitable for us!

Below I show you the most important and most used extensions.

  • .com: is one of the best known extensions and is used for commerce. The advice is therefore to choose the .com if your site refers to a company or business.
  • .org: used for organizations and recommended for non-profit organizations or commercial entities.
  • .eu: extension for European sites.
  • .it: this extension is suitable for all those sites that have an Italian identity or that in any case have a connection with Italy. It can be used by both individuals and companies.
  • .net: this is a generic extension that is literally translated into “network”. It can be understood as a valid alternative to .com.

Over time, other extensions were born, among which the main ones are:

  • .shop: as the word “shop” says, it represents a virtual shop where your products and services can be advertised. This extension is then used for trading.
  • .online: technology companies usually use it, companies that always want to be connected with the outside world. It is used for example in the case of e-commerce.
  • .info: this extension is used for news, blog and news websites.