Are you thinking of creating a website do it yourself?

Before embarking on this adventure, read this short article and then choose whether to create a DIY site or choose a valid alternative.

First of all, I must admit that I don’t particularly like the phrase “do it yourself”; mainly used in the field of home creation and maintenance, it is now associated with every area, as in the web sector to indicate someone who wants to try their hand at creating their website independently and managing your visibility.

Let me be clear, “do it yourself” should not be confused with the word hobby which, on the contrary, is a pastime and a pleasant entertainment and can be a way to have fun creating sites for oneself and for friends and relatives and learning programming languages.

Do-it-yourself in relation to the web, on the other hand, is dangerous because unlike the domestic one where, badly, you made a mistake in painting a railing, mounting a wardrobe or building a shelf, here you are playing with your business and risk. is to lose money and customers.

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I could recommend DIY exclusively to those who:

  • Know at least html (the language that underlies the web).
  • Although it may seem superfluous in some cases it is essential to get into the code and, consequently, it is necessary to know at least the html and in addition also the CSS language.
  • Don’t even ask your mom and dad, grandparents, uncles, bank and various piggy banks for a budget of at least € 400 or € 500 to invest for your online image.
  • Look good, did you look under the mattress?
  • Have a lot of time to dedicate and lose because time passes before you find the right strategy and tools.
  • Don’t want immediate results.
  • Be willing to make mistakes and start over again

If even one of the points listed above does not suit you, my advice is to find an expert in the sector who is also honest and helps you to realize your project.

Personally, the only motivation that sometimes pushes me to go DIY is the lack of a trusted expert, honest and who does a job well done at the right price.

The times when I do not know who to turn to, alas I try to arrange myself in the awareness of those who, however, know perfectly well that they are wasting time on something that is not what they love and which belongs to them and of those who know that the final result will not be excelled.

In recent years, if on the one hand the applications to create a site have been simplified and are almost within the reach of all users, on the other hand, dozens and dozens of other services have been created that need to be integrated and used.

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