BASE315 offers you assistance in using the following CMS:

Problem solving

Have you encountered a bug in the use of the CMS and do not know how to deal with it?
To verify what the problem is we must be able to carry out tests so we proceed as follows:

1) Phase 1: Preliminary analysis (120.00 euros + IVA).
This phase includes:

  • file server and database backup;
  • loading the project on our area;
  • running tests to try to find the problem.

For this phase you will need to provide me:

  • the backup of file servers and databases or the credentials to be able to perform these backups;
  • login credentials to the website as an administrator.

2) Phase 2: Fixing the bug (cost to be defined)
Once the problem is identified, we will be able to quantify the costs for resolution.

If it is a trivial thing (e.g. a human error committed by the user), the resolution will be understood as it has already been anticipated for Phase 1.

If not, we will indicate the additional termination costs and the customer will tell us whether or not to proceed.

The prices indicated must be paid before the interventions.

Mini training course

If you want to learn how to use this fantastic CMS in a professional way, which offers various possibilities and features, you can buy our mini basic training course or the advanced version.

Below you will find all the features:

Basic Mini Course (€ 450,00)

  • duration 10 hours
  • 5 hours remote assistance
  • general overview of the CMS
  • use and test of the main blocks
  • inserting images
  • text insertion
  • creating and removing a page
  • creating a blog

Advanced Mini Course (€ 450,00)

  • duration 10 hours
  • 5 hours remote assistance
  • advanced use of the dashboard
  • user management
  • SEO – website optimization