Are you looking for a Concrete5 expert?

Well then you are in the right place.

BASE315 has been using this CMS for several years and over time has achieved high technical skills.

As you surely know, CMS (Content Management System) are software created for the management of a website and Concrete5 , even if in Italy still little known, remains in our humble opinion, one of the best around.

If you have a problem with your site built with Concrete5 or you need to build a new one, don’t worry, try to ask us for an opinion and we will be happy to help you.
We have been using this CMS for years and are true experts on it.

Here’s what we can do to assist you.

Concrete5 assistance


We are able to carry out any type of project based on this CMS.

Do you want an institutional site, a showcase site, a blog or an e-commerce?

There are no problems! Show us your project and we will realize it according to your needs.


In addition to the creation we take care of the management of websites already created with the CMS Concrete5, implementing them with new contents and applications according to the customer’s requests.


CMS updates are not always easy to perform and can lead to various system errors.
For this reason, it is advisable that the task is best entrusted to a professional.

BASE315 follows the update of the Concrete5 CMS and related applications.

If you are already our customer, the updates are included in the annual package.