Chatbot: what is it, what is it for and why is it important?

Every company that operates on the web has its own methods to contact who may be a potential customer and maintain contact with those who already are.

E-mail is the basis, the necessary, the first tool that comes (and has already come) to the mind of anyone who has started reading this article.

But what could happen if we added artificial intelligence to our web pages or landing pages, capable of dialoguing and answering simple questions in a natural way with users ?

This is the chatbot: literally, the name derives from “to chat”, an English verb that stands for “talk” or “chat” and “bot”, an abbreviation commonly used on the web for “robot”.

It is an automated system that responds to users who ask it with a specific request and helps them find an answer.

Each chatbot, depending on its intended use, can be more or less complex: Apple’s famous Siri, Google’s voice assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana, for example, are very complex and allow a range of extremely broad interactions .

What may be of interest to us, however, is a simpler chatbot, which allows more limited interactions but which, not for this, is less important.
Indeed, in our case it does exactly what we need.

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We are talking about chatbots created for marketing, little virtual helpers devoted to the search for potential customers and the automatic resolution of simple requests from users.

When we say “for marketing”, we mean that these robots can be inserted via a text chat on any website or landing page or, via a conversation, directly with Facebook Messenger, for example.

When they are interrogated by a user, they retrieve their contacts (usually the e-mail address may suffice) and insert them into a database, as well as interacting instantly with them and making them interested in our business.
From that moment on, moreover, I am able to independently manage these contacts and send personalized emails based on interests, automating and speeding up several steps otherwise destined to occupy our time.

In short, it is an innovative system and, as such, always in continuous improvement, which allows us to expand the possibilities of our business and which helps, at the same time, us and those interested to us.

If you want to learn more about this topic and have more information, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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