Website contents

What content should you include on your website?

The contents of the site are an essential part of web marketing. This content must be quality and well organized, to allow users to find answers and everything they need.

The contents must provide complete information, but must be written simple and clear. This allows users to be satisfied and loyal, while also increasing conversions.

When we talk about content, we mainly refer to textual ones, which must be relevant to the objectives and target we are addressing, but above all original, so it is essential not to copy information from other websites .

In addition to taking care of the textual aspect of our web pages, the visual element is also important: these are videos, motion graphics and infographics. These elements also have to respect some rules:

  • quality;
  • high resolution;
  • suitable size: digital images have a pixel size and occupy a well-defined space on the site. The initial advice is to select images no less than 500 px in width; the webmaster will then reduce them to the optimal size. If, on the other hand, the image is dedicated to the header, the width must not be less than 2000 px.

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Here are some tips to make your content even more engaging:

  • insert catchy headlines;
  • highlighting keywords within the text, for example by using bold;
  • insert internal links: an internal link is content that is linked directly to another relevant page on your website.
  • insert CTA (Call To Action): these are calls to action.

All these elements are fundamental and are rewarded by the search engine, allowing pages to reach the highest levels when searches are carried out.

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