Self-managed site

How to independently manage your website

After the initial production of your website, our staff will deliver the finished website to you. At this point you can decide whether:

  • contact us to make changes to the pages of the site;
  • proceed with the autonomous management of your site.

If you choose the second option, we invite you to carefully read our article when to manage a website yourself in order to keep the quality of the entire website high.

At this point we suggest some rules to manage the contents of your site:

  • use the best material in your possession, to keep the quality of the content high;
  • think about every element you are going to add to your project;
  • maintain a high standard;
  • content remains king: if you don’t have good content no one will spend time on your site;
  • select the best content for your site. For this last tip, we recommend that you read what we wrote on the page website content.


In the event of changes or insertion of forms, maps or any other tracking element, please let us know, as it is necessary to update the privacy and cookie policy.

As soon as you communicate this information to us, we will proceed with updating your privacy policies.