Reserved area

What is a restricted area?

A reserved area is a “hidden” space within your website, which can only be accessed by the users selected by you, for example registered users.

You can do all this by creating a system of pages with ad hoc permissions that will only be visible to users who have registered on the site, creating an account and logging on with the password created for this purpose.

Registration can take place in several ways:

1) the user’s profile can be created by the administrator, who will send the access credentials to the person concerned;

2) the user, who tries to access the contents of the reserved area, may be asked to first register by entering his data and choosing a password. In the latter case, the administrator can opt for the account of the person who has registered to be activated immediately or request to be notified via email of the registration request and activate it manually.


  • In this solution, an area is created, consisting of one or more pages depending on the needs, which can only be accessed by a selected group of users.
  • The contents uploaded to the reserved area (files, images, videos, etc ...) will be visible, and possibly downloadable, only by users in possession of the required credentials. For example, doing so will allow only those who have registered to view the price list of your products or your most creative creations.