Plus assistance

By purchasing a package of “Assistance plus”, BASE315 will review your site dedicating a certain number of monthly hours to it, which varies according to the solution chosen by the customer and the needs of the latter.

This form of assistance can be agreed to carry out different types of activities such as:

  • Copywriting
  • Care of the graphic aspect
  • Positioning on search engines

At the end, a report describing the intervention carried out is sent to the customer on a monthly basis.

This is an annual service package.

The agreed activity is carried out by BASE315 without the need for any periodic request from the customer (without prejudice, of course, to the possibility for the latter to send specific requests that will be fulfilled in the intervention of the month following the one in which it is forwarded. the instance).

Package Price Duration
Package for 4 hours per month € 100,00 for a duration of 6 months/1 year
Package for 4 hours per month € 170,00 for a duration of 6 months/1 year