Production phase of a website

The development phases for the realization of your web projects

For the development and updating of a website and e-commerce, we proceed in two ways:

  1. Installation of the project directly on the final domain
    When you have the creation of a new site and therefore there is no previous version already online, it is advisable to proceed with the design directly on the final domain.
    In this case, the project can already be viewed by users who land on the final domain, during the construction phase, although this is unlikely to happen since the site is not yet indexed on search engines. visible the site, then there is the possibility to put it in maintenance. In this way, users who land on your website will not be able to browse it, but will only see a “work in progress” screen. On some CMS this mode is already present while for others it is necessary to proceed with the installation of a plug-in, such as under construction. Furthermore, in some cases there is also the possibility of activating one or more IP addresses that allow you to view the site even if it is in an invisible state;

  2. Purchase of a development area
    For customers who already own an online site, the purchase of a development area is recommended. This is an area in which we go to develop projects and, only once completed, will they be published on the final domain. The development area costs € 100.
    In this case, we recommend that you leave the old site online so that you are visible until the new one is ready. Users will thus be able to continue browsing your website, even during the remaking and restyling phase of your web project.

What is the best solution?

All the proposed solutions have pros and cons. For this reason, it is necessary to evaluate the best solution according to the needs of each of you.

For example, if you proceed through the installation of plug-ins to activate the commissioning of the site or with the purchase of development areas, an additional cost is required. Furthermore, if the site is put into maintenance and it is decided to exclude some IP addresses, which will be able to view the site during the design phase, then in this case it is necessary to store these addresses directly in the CMS. This could be complicated for those who have a dynamic IP address at home: every time the user connects to the internet, the IP changes and it will be necessary to provide us with the new address.
For more information in relation to IP addresses, I suggest you read our article What is an IP address

If you still have doubts, we are available to provide you with further clarifications or to proceed with the purchase of plug-ins or development areas.