Production phase of a website

The development phases for the realization of your web projects

PHASE 1: Choosing and registering your domain name

The choice of domain name is a key moment in the process of creating a website. In fact, the domain name is one of the defining elements of a company’s online image and, therefore, must be chosen with greatest care.
So, if you are not yet in possession of your own domain name, we will help you choose the most appropriate and optimal one for your website.

PHASE 2: Installation of the site on the final domain or on the development area

For the development and updating of a website and e-commerce, we proceed through two methods:

  1. Installation of the final domain:
    at the time when you have the implementation of a new site and therefore there is no previous version already online, it is recommended to proceed with the design directly on the final domain.
    In this case, the design can already be viewed by users landing on the final domain, during the implementation phase, although this is unlikely to happen since the site is not yet indexed on search engines.
    If, on the other hand, you do not want to leave the site visible, then there is the option of putting it under maintenance. This way, users landing on your website will not have the opportunity to navigate to it, but will only see a “work in progress” screen. On some CMSs this mode is already present while for others you have to proceed with the installation of a plug-in, such as under costruction. In addition, in some cases there is also the possibility of activating one or more IP addresses that allow the site to be viewed even if it is in a non-visible state;
  2. Installation of the development area:
    for clients who already have an online site, it is instead recommended to purchase a development area. This is an area where we go to develop the projects and, only when completed, they will be published on the final domain.
    In this case, we recommend leaving the previous site online so that it is visible until the new one is ready. Users will then be able to continue to browse within your website, even while your web project is being redone and restyled.

What is the best solution?

All proposed solutions have pros and cons. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the best solution according to each person’s needs.

For example, if you proceed through the installation of plug-ins to enable the commissioning of the site or with the purchase of development areas, an additional cost is required. Also, if the site is put into maintenance and you decide to exclude certain IP addresses, which will be able to view the site in the design phase, then in this case you need to store those addresses directly in the CMS. This could be complicated for those who have a dynamic IP address at home: every time the user connects to the Internet, the IP changes and it will be necessary to provide us with the new address.

For more information in relation to IP addresses, I suggest you read our article What is an IP Address

If you still have doubts, we are available to provide further clarification or to proceed with the purchase of plug-ins or development areas.

PHASE 3: Choosing a grafic theme

Whatever business you are engaged in, the aesthetic aspect of your website is the first thing that attracts the attention of visitors, potential customers, to your website.
Graphic design plays an important role in presenting your company as a professional, state-of-the-art business. BASE315 team will help you define the most suitable structure of your website, defining the graphic theme of the various pages that will make up the final web design.

PHASE 4: gathering of the material

Once the graphic theme has been chosen, it is necessary to work on the textual and graphic contents to be included in the website. The choice of the material to be placed in the web project will be up to the client, who will have to send it to us during the development phase of the project (about two to four weeks) in one, maximum two solutions, defining from the outset the basic guidelines to be followed for the insertion of content.

How to proceed in case a multilingual website is required? First of all, it is necessary to complete the web project in the main language. Once approved, we will proceed with the implementation of the site in the other required languages

PHASE 5: conclusion and review of the web project

At this point, the team of BASE315 will take care of the final phase of your website, testing all the elements that make it up, for example, the functionality of the contact forms. In addition, compatibility testing will be done, ensuring that your website will display correctly on different devices. Once your final approval is obtained, the website will be published online.
Finally, depending on the web project you purchase, you will have 1 or 2 revisions that you can request by e-mail and in one solution. Through the revision you request additional detail changes to be made to the previously placed textual and graphic content of your site.