How to request assistance

The guidelines for requesting assistance from BASE315

If you need our help to make changes to your site or to report a possible malfunction, you can send an email to

BASE315 also guarantees remote assistance. To take advantage of this assistance you need to download Supremo, our Remote Assistance Software. Once you have downloaded the program, move the file to your desktop and then double click on it. This will open the program; if you are asked to update Supremo, confirm the request and proceed with the procedure. When the update is complete we will be able to connect to your computer.
Through this software we will be able to carry out assistance on PC, email configuration, web training courses, website management and much more.

How to send requests

When sending a maintenance request, try to be as precise as possible so that whoever receives the request for assistance immediately knows where and how to carry out the intervention. In this way you will help us to act promptly and we will not have to contact you to ask for more information, saving both of you precious time! This will also lead to savings on intervention costs: the shorter the operation time and, consequently, the less time you decrease your assistance hours.

Here are some tips for a correct request for intervention:

  • in the subject of the email insert the request for intervention: an example could be “ Subject: request for intervention in the Name of the Site “;
  • indicate the URL of the page to be modified: always indicate the name of the page of the site in which to make the change with the respective URL. Think that we have many customers and we manage sites of over 100 pages. Consequently, sometimes if the intervention does not do it who created the site it becomes difficult to trace the content indicated;
  • indicate the exact section of the page: if the page is long and made up of many contents, we ask you to also indicate the exact section in which we must carry out the intervention. You can also attach a screenshot of the part to be modified if you deem it appropriate and as an example. For example, if it is a text block, please indicate the title of the paragraph to be modified;
  • indicate the text to be changed: clearly define which text is to be deleted, or if it should be replaced with something else, indicate exactly the phrases to be fixed.
    An example of a change request email could be:
    Page Services: Eliminate the phrase “In the shop you will find a large assortment of ready-made bodywork paints in spray cans.” And replace it with the following “…”

If you receive an error message from the site, report it to us accurately, also sending us a screenshot of the same (if you don’t know how to screenshot a web page from a pc, read our article How to screenshot a web page).

Taking charge of requests

After sending us the request for intervention, you just have to wait for a response from one of the figures of our team.

If you are one of our customers, we will process your request with the following deadlines:

  • within 24 hours of the request : on working days and hours (from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 18.30);
  • within 48 hours of the request: in case they are received during holidays or summer closure.

If, on the other hand, you are not one of our customers, the requests will be evaluated on the basis of our workflow.

How are requests evaluated?

Each request is unique and requires different intervention times. Precisely for this reason, requests must be evaluated directly by us and divided on the basis of the following categories.

  1. Urgent request
    This category includes malfunctioning problems of any type
    To give concrete examples, priority is given if:
    – the entire site or some pages are no longer viewable;
    – bugs appear that do not allow the correct functioning of some essential elements of the site.
  2. Non-urgent request
    They are those requests that do not concern the malfunction of the site, but that arise as subjective needs of the user.
    For example: requests for changes to texts / images, creation of pages or contents, activation of new emails or anything that is not essential for correct navigation on your website. If the request falls into this second category and you want proceed urgently with the intervention, we will try to meet your needs as soon as possible with an additional cost of € 99.