Configure the e-mail client

The program to manage communications

The email client is a software that allows you to manage your communications, receiving, sending and archiving emails.
There are several types; the best known are Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Opera Mail.

First of all, you have to decide whether to use the webmail or opt for the software just described.

If you have not yet decided which service is right for you, waste a few minutes of your time to clarify your ideas and read our post Webmail or Email client?

If you opt for the e-mail client and need it, you can request its configuration from BASE315, but not only!
If you want to make sending your emails more professional, faster and more effective, BASE315 will also insert your signature and the logo of your company in HTML.

Depending on your needs we can:

  • operate remotely: this is undoubtedly the cheapest solution. Basically, from our offices we will access your workstation, thus guaranteeing you a service at very low prices (you will avoid paying for the technician’s exit);
  • by going to your company and carrying out the intervention on site. If you prefer, a member of our staff will come in person to answer any of your questions and understand your needs in a face to face relationship.