Beware of fraud

What is fraud?

When we talk about fraud we refer to a direct deception or a scam that is carried out to mislead people in order to obtain illicit profits. Through these behaviors, scammers gain a personal advantage, causing harm to third parties.

Nowadays, there are many attempts at fraud, especially in e-commerce, and it is therefore necessary to pay close attention to what we receive and what we click.

How to recognize a scam attempt?

Here are some of our suggestions:

  • e-mail: we recommend that you only open secure e-mails, which come from official and verified accounts. This is because, in your inbox, you will receive many e-mails, many of which are fake. To learn more about this concept, we invite you to read our article What they are and how recognize scam emails.
    Furthermore, we invite you to be careful not to release personal and sensitive data.
    Don’t worry, if you rely on us, BASE315 will take care of the management of your services. Consequently, for the services we manage, you will not receive expiration notices from third parties.
  • telephone contacts: In addition to e-mails, another method of fraud used is the telephone line. You may receive numerous calls from people who want to sell you some service or product, but be very careful! Some of them may even pretend to be Google or other large companies: in this case, keep in mind that Google will hardly call you to sell you a service! People who work for Italian and foreign companies and try to sell you an optimization service linked to Google products in a non-transparent way.
    We therefore recommend that you immediately ask the operator the following question: “What is the company you work for?”
    In most cases they hang up immediately; if, on the other hand, the operator proceeds with the attempt to sell, then it is advisable to request receipt of the proposal by email before accepting the offer. If you see that it is a serious offer, you can evaluate it with confidence.
  • sales of services: there are many unskilled agents in circulation who sell low quality services just to make a turnover, without giving the customer what he really needs.
    We invite you to be careful not to buy unprofessional products and to make the best use of the budget available for your advertising.

If in doubt, call one of our consultants to get his opinion.