Articles on the BASE315 blog

Do you want to sponsor your product or service on the blog?

Are you the owner of a company or a freelancer and want to sponsor your products or services? Or do you specialize in a certain topic and want to publish it on our blog? Well, you are in the right place.

BASE315 gives you the opportunity to use the company blog to give space to your products and services.

Obviously, before you can publish an article about your product or service in our blog, it must respect some characteristics:

  • it must be inherent with the nature of our blog
    the topics covered must belong to the digital world, but above all they must be in line with the activities we deal with, such as websites and e-commerce, e-mail services and domains, social media, graphics, digital work tools, etc.
    (e.g. not shampoo);
  • it must be original
    it is important that it is not copied from other sites and that it carries original and innovative content;
  • the sponsored product or service must comply with the law
    it must be a product that complies with the rules and requirements imposed by law and must not fall into fraud or be a deceptive product/service.

If your article respects these rules then we will proceed with the publication on our blog. Obviously, before publishing it, we will always carry out a test of the product or service and verify its validity. In this way we can make sure that the product or service is really quality and reliable.

In addition, we will insert a dofollow link: this is an external link that allows users to quickly and easily reach the page of your website.

How long will it remain public on our blog?

If you’re wondering how long the publication will last, you don’t need to worry. The article will be online as long as the blog is alive. Obviously, if your product/service is canceled or considered fraudulent, we will remove the article or possibly the implementation you made previously.

As you will see in the proposals below, there are two main macro-differences:

  • articles already online on our blog: in this case the article is already public and visible on the web;
  • new article publication: in this case there is not yet an article containing the topic you want to discuss or the type of your service. In this case you have the option to create an article from scratch.

Below are the proposals of BASE315 with their respective characteristics.


For articles already published
  • A mini description of your product or service is required via email or a link to a page already present online
  • Your product or service will be included in an article already online, where other services will already be present with their respective external links
  • Insert dofollow link to your website


New article published
  • The drafting of the article is required, complete with textual content and quality images
  • The contents must be original and not copied from other sites
  • Minimum characters required: 1500 words
  • Insert dofollow link to your website


New article published
  • A mini description of your product or service is required via email or a link to a page already present online
  • The article will be written directly by us, based on the mini description you have provided
  • Insert dofollow link to your website