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Welcome to BASE315!

If you are reading this page you will almost certainly have entered the words “Milan website quote” on a search engine like Google and clicked on our site.

This was possible because we carried out a positioning activity on this page that allowed us to appear at the top of the search engines with the keywords that interested us.

First of all, what is BASE315

BASE315 is a web agency made up of a team of experts who, for years, has been involved in creating websites for companies and freelancers.

Do you have a business and want to advertise it as it deserves? The web is the right tool for you.

Nothing, nowadays, guarantees you an equally vast distribution at the same cost.
Effective, in step with the times and at low costs.

BASE315 offers solutions suitable for everyone, starting from basic products, that is projects with a few pages and limited functionality up to products with infinite pages and customized features.
We create our websites and e-commerce using the best CMS (content management) on the market (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5, Prestashop, etc.), or without CMS.

Your site can be modified and implemented at any time independently or by requesting further assistance from us by purchasing an hourly assistance package.

BASE315 does not only take care of carrying out the project, but also of webmarketing and SEO activities which allow to increase its online visibility.

Our team is able to intervene, at advantageous prices, even remotely; which allows us to follow customers all over Italy.

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